Scale Finder - a map scale conversion tool   Version 7 now available!

Scale Finder converts linear map scales to a representative fraction (and vice-versa).
It is an invaluable tool for map cataloguers and users and is free to download and use.

 Scale Finder 7 converts nearly over 180 distance units - both current and historical.
To use Scale Finder, simply measure a number of units from the map scalebar and enter the values - the scale as a representative fraction (RF) is displayed automatically - no need for a calculator and you can measure any number of distance units. For example: The scalebar is in kilometres and 5 kilometres measures 3.3cm. Enter these values and the correct scale (1:151,515) is displayed.
Scales can be copied and pasted into other applications and documents. Either the full RF (with the 1:) or the short RF (without the 1:) can be copied. RFs can be rounded or unrounded.
No scale or the distance units are not in Scale Finder? - No problem if degrees or minutes of latitude are shown. Simply measure any number of degrees or minutes and choose the latitude to the nearest 10° to find the scale (note that scales calculated in this way are not as accurate so if a scalebar is shown then use that for preference).

Representative fractions can also be converted to linear scales by clicking the RF To Linear Scale tab and entering the RF (without the "1:"). Select the units required to display the result.

If you are using Windows  XP with Service Pack 1 or 2 the previous version of  Scalefinder can still be downloaded here (note this has not been updated).  Scalefinder will not install on versions of Windows older than XP.

Scalefinder 7 screenshot

Installing Scale Finder 
Download the zip file and unzip the contents into a temporary folder.   

Important: If you are running XP, you must have Service Pack 3 installed before attempting to install Scale Finder. It can be downloaded from Microsoft here

Run the downloaded file setup.exe to start installation. You may see a message saying the publisher cannot be verified - that's OK, just go ahead with the installation. The program will by default create a folder and install itself. If you do not have the latest .net framework files required they will be downloaded automatically from Microsoft (note: this make take some time but will only be required once)

You can install Scalefinder 7 on multiple PCs. It may be distributed to others but not sold.

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