OS Grid Builder- Create grids at a range of resolutions in MIF/MID and Shapefile formats

OS Grid Builder creates attributed grids at 100km, 20km, 10km, 5km and 1km resolutions. Each grid cell is attributed with tile name and lower left and top right coordinates. Each grid covers a 100km grid square.


Grids can be created as MapInfo Import (MIF/MID) files or Shapefiles for use in any GIS software. Multiple grids can be created in one operation (each 100km block is saved as a separate file). Easier and quicker than creating grids in your GIS program!

Example of a 5km grid overlaid on a raster layer

Download and Install Grid Builder

Download the zip file and unzip the contents into a temporary folder.   

Important: If you are running XP, you must have Service Pack 3 installed before attempting to install Grid Builder. It can be downloaded from Microsoft here

Run the downloaded file setup.exe to start installation. You may see a message saying the publisher cannot be verified - that's OK, just go ahead with the installation. The program will by default create a folder and install itself. If you do not have the latest .net framework files required they will be downloaded automatically from Microsoft (note: this make take some time but will only be required once)

You can install Grid Builder on multiple PCs. It may be distributed to others but not sold.

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